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La Defonce Transalpine N 1

3 Loops, one in a cinema : Andiamo al cinema, a masturbation scene : Rosaria Z Forti and a strip tease followed by a duo : Stasera show.

Lenght: 00:55:08

Year: 1980

Director: Arduino Sacco

Starring: N/A

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Big City Sex

A workout in the weight room provokes a truly exciting sexual encounter for a sweaty Barbie and Sascha. Shauna McCullough and Brett Davis are a duo that quickly moves from artistic to erotic as body painting party heats up to a full Kemtone Klimax. Then virgin Tom brags to his buddy about all the hot women he’s had until his friend sets him up for a one-on-one with Rachel. Up next is a seductive encounter between two agents with Amber trying to get Jerry to spill the beans about his formula. After that Christy goes all out to convince Ron of her sincerely in one of the hottest scenes she’s ever filmed. And last, but not least, Robin calls up her friend Bunny to help tease boyfriend Steve into action. She gets plenty!

Lenght: 01:22:18

Year: 1988

Director: John Shubert

Amber Lynn   
Barbie Dahl   
Bunny Bleu   
Christy Canyon   
Rachel Ashley   
Robin Cannes   
Shauna McCullough   
Brett Davis   
Jerry Butler   
Ron Jeremy   
Sascha Gabor   
Steve Drake   
Tom Byron   

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Hershe Highway 4

A group of close friends decide to have a romantic getaway at a secluded ranch somewhere outside of Los Angeles. That’s the entire plot. But the theme is rough and ready back-door sex, and it is a theme capitalized upon by brilliant performances from Misty Regan, Raven Richards and the seldom-seen Nikki Prince. Misty’s foul-mouthed pleading for a blistering out-back screw is the highlight of the tape, although Tom Byron and Tom Chapman’s double-teaming of Raven runs a very close second. Brilliant sex, terrific production values and more sizzling back-door sex make this one of the sparkling highlights of the lauded Hershe Highway series. How can you resist such an incredible film!? Hershe Highway #4 is an incredible experience.

Lenght: 01:22:32

Year: 1991

Director: Charlie Diamond

Misty Regan   
Nikki Prince   
Raven Richards   
Marc Wallice   
Tom Byron   
Tom Chapman   

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