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Screwdriver is not only the name of this bar, but fucking like crazy is the bartender’s special of the day. Here you can get it on the rocks and on your cock!

Lenght: 01:11:49

Year: 1988

Director: N/A

Shanna McCullough

New York Vice

An evening in New York`s darker world, when the night people come out to seek their desires and dreams… It begins with Sheila, desperate and outrageous. Where bodies are sold and traded like a commodity. Where perverse women pursue their pleasures in the men`s toilet. Where dreams and fantasies become hard, sordid realities. The people who drift into Bo`s Bar — some innocent, some not — all become victims of the night. The depravity of a mother and her daughter. The depths of a waitress` hunger. The greed of a couple`s passion. The curiosity of a lonely stranger and the hooker he meets. NEW YORK VICE… There`s no way to contain it. The endless, unrelenting lust.

Lenght: 01:14:16

Year: 1984

Director: Henri Pachard

Little Oral Annie

Student Nurses

Horny healers in action.
Meet these naughty nurses as they reveal their deepest sexual desires. Crazy Charlene practices proctology on a private patient and learns a sure cure for the anal aches. Diana rescues a pimp from the carnal clutches of his hooker by licking his wounds and massaging her mammaries against his feverish loins.

Lenght: h min sec

Year: 1992

Director: Henri Pachard

Deidre Holland

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