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L’Ecole De L’Amour

The story is about Arnault (J. Gatteau) trying to educate himself a virgin wife by keeping Betty (Lise Pinson) effectively prisoner in the country house of her foster parents (Lemieuvre & Barthel). This does not work, Betty falls in love with some young guitar player (the guy looks a bit like Woody Harrelson, but with hair), and after raping her out of bitterness, Arnault is back to his usual female companions, whores. Information from beutelwolf.

Lenght: 01:22:32

Year: 1981

Director: Claude Pierson

Bebe Rock   
Cathy Dupre   
Cathy Stewart   
Lise Pinson   
Mika Barthel   
Nicole Segaud   
Yvan Renault   
Laurence Bernard   
Guy Royer   
Jacques Gatteau   
Richard Lemieuvre   
Hubert Geral   
Jean-Pierre Armand   

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Adolescenza Perversa

After having made headlines in the chronicles of X and unleashed passions with his masterpiece, VIVA ITALIA, Mario Salieri, strikes again even harder this time with VIVA ITALIA 2! A master alchemist of hard art, he turns this film of love and war into a booming blend of sordid sensuality. A historic recreation realistic down to every detail.

Lenght: 01:06:57

Year: 1994

Director: Mario Salieri

Deborah Wells   
Elodie Cherie   
Georgina Davis   
Lydia Chanel   
Kathy Marceau   
Lara Lambkin   
Nathaly Boet   
Angela Ambrus   
Tabatha Cash   
Christoph Clark   
Francesco Malcom   
Jean-Yves Le Castel   
John Walton   
Philippe Soine   
Piero Pieri   
Richard Langin   
Ubaldo Fazi   

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