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Le Plaisir Total

The Ultimate O is the ultimate orgasm – or at least the box to this ponderous production so declares. Judging by its poor acting and hokey plot and dialogue, however, it would seem that the Ultimate O would not feel so good. The loose storyline evolves around a small hedonistic cult led by Paul Thomas and Stacy Donovan. Thomas possesses a private technique for giving his partner the ultimate orgasm. When he starts to feel too much, Donovan plots to discover the private and replace him. Much of the sex is orgy style with five or six in a bed. Some props are used as well. Both Paul Thomas and Herschel Savage have delivered much stronger performances in the past. Also, Stacy Donovan is not a strong enough actress to handle so much dialogue. She’s a great sexual performer, so why push it.

Lenght: 01:16:39

Year: 1985

Director: Lawrence T Cole

Kathy Thomas   
Lili Marlene   
Nina Hartley   
Stacey Donovan   
Billy Dee   
Don Fernando   
Herschel Savage   
Paul Thomas   

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The Backdoor Club

Tony Allen (Herschel Savage) and his wife Sadie (Danielle) are two vacationing Americans who are visiting Germany for the first time. They have heard stories about Munich’s infamous Backdoor Club, and Tony is anxious to visit the club to see it for himself. They drive to the palatial establishment where they are ushered into a room where they meet Rachel (Tracey Adams) and Missy (Taija Rae) as well as Horst (Gabriel Pontello). The group is soon joined by the two in-house experts, Magda and Gretchen (Sandra Nova and Christine Saber), who do their best to convince the new arrivals that they are in for a new and thrilling experience that can open their lives up to new horizons. Before the night is ended, some of the first-timers are initiated into the club, while others are content to just watch the action and fantasize about the day when they too can get into the act. Prepare yourself for some of the hottest and most exciting scenes ever filmed.

Lenght: 01:13:10

Year: 1985

Director: Jack Remy

Herschel Savage   
Taija Rae   
Tracey Adams   
Gabriel Pontello   
Uschi Karnat   
Joanna Stevens   
Jack Rogers   
Katja Eck   
Alexander Titus Benda   
Brigitte Aime   
Christine Leval   

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Ladies Room

Girls just wanna have… cock! Who better than me to give it to em’ up their tight little rosebuds… so I dress-up like a chick hide out in the Ladies Room hard and hungry for wet hot pussy… throw a little lipstick on my dipstick and these cunts go crazy… Watch as Morgan gets reamed while I give her a facial. Kira screams for more up her black ass, Heather tries to lick my balls off while Sunshine spreads her cheeks like a 747 and begs for bumpy landing… beware of the toxic cock that smells like Chanel and fucks like hell.

Lenght: h min sec

Year: 1987

Director: Henri Pachard

Jamie Summers   
Krista Lane   
Sharon Mitchell   
Buffy Davis   
Randy West   
Tom Byron   
Jerry Butler   
Herschel Savage   
Scott Irish   
Tony Montana   
Peter Nicholas   
Alexa Parks   

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