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Maximum Perversum 14

Der Schwesternschülerin werden Arschloch und Fotze gleichzeitig gedehnt – dem Assistenzarzt wird der Schwanz geblasen, dass er glaubt, er läge im Koma, der Pfleger wird mit Pipi geduscht und der OP-Schwester das Sperma ins Gesicht geschleudert.

Lenght: 01:16:45

Year: 1990

Director: Harry S. Morgan

Janine Von Graf   
Catherine Volta   
Joyce Jackson   
Marianne Sperber   
Ulrike Sommer   
Dirk Braeter   
Norbert Walter   
Peter Weiss   

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Maximum Perversum 26

The version of Hunger nach Liebe Teil I watched, was German language, with Dutch subtitles. As the title suggests, everyone is Hungry for Love, especially Debbie van Gils. Love is one word, dirty sex is another, doubt there was much love when it came to Suraya Jamal WC scenes. The intro credits music has vibes similar to Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Yves Baillat bears a passing resemblance to composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. It would interesting to know how they obtained permission to use Gustaf Grьndgens as a location to shoot in.

Lenght: 01:23:34

Year: 1992

Director: Harry S. Morgan

Nikky Star   
May Lin   
Debby v. Camp   
Jana Schwarz   
Reggi Bleu   
Gabriela Young   
Crazy Boy   
Girl Betty   

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