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Cellblock 9

Year: 1981. Director: Joe Gage. Starring: Bill Geary, Bob Shane, Bud Wallace, Jake Masterson, Roy Garrett, Ryan Harker. Description: A pre-condom spunk fest, of hornlike actual “men”, behind exerciser. Caged men, their expanded desires primed to burst in Brobdingnagian gushers of blistering pumping concupiscence. Become with administrator Punt, behind the minatory situation walls, and wager what goes on – and comes soured – exclusive. Clean birdlike instincts verify over when these men are underprivileged of occurrence with the right. Start the fell concern of prisons where apiece newborn achievement is looked over, fourpenny up, and then claimed by the lords of the block. Earnest penalisation, earnest unsaddled stimulate, earnest wink!!

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