Deliveries In The Rear 2

Here’s another one of those “Stewardess” tapes. Too bad the closest this fly-by-night production gets to an airplane is when some of the cast walks through what I’m assuming is an airport parking lot. There’s cheap sets, poor acting, no plot, so the sex has to carry it. But it doesn’t. Promoted as Deliveries in the Rear Part II, there is very little anal action (and I mean, very little). And even that one scene with Ron Jeremy’s dirty talk can’t make Stryker look interested in her work, and even when he backdoors her she can only muster a weak response. There’s some nice shots of downtown Las Vegas splattered in here, which only serve to prove that New Yorker Damien Cashmere has made the inevitable trek westward. Newcomer Allena Farrari does a commendable job sexually. But the surroundings break her performance, as well as the entire production. There are better stewardess features, and there are better anal features. This is one flight you won’t want to take.

Lenght: 01:31:53

Year: 1987

Director: N/A

Aleena Ferari   
Brittany Stryker   
Lisa Melendez   
Nina Hartley   
Tracey Adams   
Damien Cashmere   
Dan T. Mann   
Richard Pacheco   
Ron Jeremy   
Shone Taylor   

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View original here:Deliveries In The Rear 2

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