Future Lust

A time to come! This is a futuristic approach to some hot lustful sex action! Debi Diamond shows us what sex in the future is going to be like, and it’s going to be hot! Very often adult videos are at their best when they use a proven story that is borrowed from a Hollywood movie. In this case, the totalitarian world of Woody Allen’s relaxer becomes a world where sex must be performed surreptitiously. Unfortunately, Future Lust goes wrong in too many places. The sex is never really hot – just mechanical with no real lust behind it. The one decent scene of note is a long three-way girl/girl with Debi Diamond, Tabitha Stevens and Staci Lords that is given ample time to develop. Otherwise, an average production from a generally good director.

Lenght: 01:14:24

Year: 1989

Director: Scotty Fox

Debi Diamond   
Nina Hartley   
Stacy Lords   
Tabitha Stevens   
Jerry Butler   
Ray Victory   
Tom Byron   

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