The most beautiful girl in the world is a serf. She is one of many in the Prince’s harem… guarded from the world; her sole purpose is to satisfy his insatiable sexual appetite! Brought to you by the Italian King of Porn, Mario Salieri… enter his world of debauchery and wickedness!

Lenght: 01:18:33

Year: 1992

Director: Mario Salieri

Deborah Wells   
Emma Rush   
Lynn LeMay   
Rita Olivski   
Sunny McKay   
Franck Morris   
Franco Retina   
Luigi Prestisimone   
Marco Canfora   
Mariano Esposito   
Mario De Sica   
Maurizio Limone   
Maurizio Segni   
Nicky Alema   
Nicola D’Alessi   
Ossedh Mallah   
Patrick Le Nain   
Philippe Soine   
Roberto Malone   
Ron Jeremy   
Salem Fatah   
Sergio De Simone   
Sergio Parrelli   
Yuri Ostackly   
Yves Baillat   

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