She Wolves of the SS

“1. Alicia Monet, Gayle Sterling, Megan Leigh, Nikki Knights – Hitler’s personal representative checks out a whore house for the boss and views a kinky 3-way girl/girl scenario. “2. Shauna McCollough, Joey Silvera – In order to obtain information a spy posing as a dancing girl performs for a German officer in his hotel room. He likes her perfomance as the doogie on the bottom even better. “3. Alicia Monet, Billy Dee, Mike Horner – A whore house madam, younger and more attractive than any madam you’ve ever seen, entertains two German officers in double-team performance. “4. Nikki Knights, John Martin – Familiar looking German chancellor is tied spread-eagled to a four-poster bed and teased mercilessly by a liebchen in a fur coat who eventually allows him to fuck her. “5. Gayle Sterling, Mike Horner – Sex kitten of the Third Reich entertains a German Officer with salty talk and sexy action.”

Lenght: 01:12:36

Year: 1989

Director: Max Schenk

Alicia Monet   
Gayle Sterling   
Megan Leigh   
Nikki Knights   
Shauna McCullough   
Joey Silvera   
Billy Dee   
Mike Horner   
John Martin   
Eva Braun   

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