The Good Fairy

‘The Good Fairy’ helps lonely men by magically making sweeties appear in their bedrooms for their pleasure. three losers sit around on a Saturday night wishing they had girls when — poof! — The Good Fairy appears. Said Fairy is a big blonde beauty with a magic wand who offers them three wishes apiece Of course, rather than waste a wish on such trivialities as an end to war, disease, or human suffering, they instead order up brunettes, redheads, and blondes. Then one of the losers has a brainstorm and wishes for The Good Fairy herself.”! thought you’d never ask!” she happily exclaims as she waves her wand and stands there in all her naked splendor.

Lenght: 00:40:06

Year: 1970

Director: Emilio Portici

Marc Brock   
Joey Silvera   
Desiree West   
John Seeman   

Click on image to download video.

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