Caught From Behind 11

Dr. Peter Proctor is up to his old tricks, bringing in a series of sexually struggling couples and teaching them that sometimes the best way to ecstasy is through the back door. There’s nothing very fancy about this one, just lots and lots of searing back door boffing interspersed with the occasional daft joke from the good doctor. We begin with Rene Morgan, who takes on Marc Wallice in a searing dose of rear entry loving. Rene can’t get enough, because the very next scene finds her at it again, this time with Marc and Ron Jeremy. The scene builds to a frantic DP finale. Curvalicious Kassi Nova shines in the clinch with Don Fernando, exuding sexual bravado as she grinds her way through the well-seasoned stud. Raven Richards gets into the act soon enough, tossing her fine little figure into the mix during a fiery frolic with Jerry Butler. Raven really loses herself in the action, which makes for a truly enticing erotic experience. The finale finds Lynn LeMay getting into the act, sharing her supple curves with Don Fernando in a climactic romp that finds them both at the torrid top of their games. Lots of top-flight anal action keeps this one on full heat throughout and anyone with a penchant for back door passion will certainly love it.

Lenght: 01:24:21

Year: 1989

Director: Hal Freeman

Kassi Nova   
Lynn LeMay   
Raven Richards   
Renee Morgan   
Blake Palmer   
Don Fernando   
Jerry Butler   
Marc Wallice   
Ron Jeremy   
Scott Irish   

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