Hershe Highway 4

A group of close friends decide to have a romantic getaway at a secluded ranch somewhere outside of Los Angeles. That’s the entire plot. But the theme is rough and ready back-door sex, and it is a theme capitalized upon by brilliant performances from Misty Regan, Raven Richards and the seldom-seen Nikki Prince. Misty’s foul-mouthed pleading for a blistering out-back screw is the highlight of the tape, although Tom Byron and Tom Chapman’s double-teaming of Raven runs a very close second. Brilliant sex, terrific production values and more sizzling back-door sex make this one of the sparkling highlights of the lauded Hershe Highway series. How can you resist such an incredible film!? Hershe Highway #4 is an incredible experience.

Lenght: 01:22:32

Year: 1991

Director: Charlie Diamond

Misty Regan   
Nikki Prince   
Raven Richards   
Marc Wallice   
Tom Byron   
Tom Chapman   

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