The Truth Laid Bare

Complete with black-and-white shots during the “real-life” portions, this is a pseudo-documentary of Sunny McKay’s American porn star tour. The clinical approach leads to clinical sex. You get to see all the stuff you never really wanted to see: clumsy position changes, the tantrums, the lube, the pussy-shaving, the bored and not-so-bored on-the-set onlookers (including Sunny’s husband Barry). Score points for honesty in the overworked “behind-the-scenes” sub-genre, but little else works. The standard five scenes are supplied, but partly because they are cut shorter to fit in the surrounding storyline, they don’t catch fire. Interesting boxcover of Sunny continues the black-and-white verite theme.

Lenght: 01:16:38

Year: 1993

Director: John T. Bone

Lacy Rose   
Nicole London   
Sunny McKay   
Jonathan Morgan   
Marc Wallice   
Nick East   

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