Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 58

Another sinfully entertaining solo 60’s edition! Mostly color! Get a grip on yourself and enjoy the shapely, relaxy, Cher-ish brunette in a red lop and polka-dot panties… And the Marcia Brady-ish blonde in peasant dress getting groped by the hands of a mostly off-camera beau… Then a short-haired blonde with firm cupcakes brushes her hair… A tousled brunette sexpot in a pink mini and green hose reveals formidable cones and a dimpled behind!… A sultry pixie-hair brunette shows off her shape… A blonde in sunglasses preens on her balcony… Then moves inside to reveal her other, even more impressive balcony; and a very sultry blonde with an oral fixation plays with her pussy(cat)! Hold on, as a pretty blonde spreads her charms and unveils impressive breastworks… And a brunette with a nice body shares her inner feelings… Then, WOW! A dynamite, very pretty blonde with a creamy curvy body beamingly enters the Bucky Honor Roll-In-The-Hay!… Then a Cher-ish brunette lolls on pillows… And a groovy, sexy blonde chick in black mini and nylons with garter belt boogies on her back. Later, a zaftig Barbara Hershey-ish hippie honey licks leaves… And a bouffant, exotic chick in an All-American girl outfit removes it to show off a pair that would be lovely in any land!

Lenght: 01:56:46

Year: 1969

Director: N/A

Starring: N/A

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