The Out Of Towner

At one point during this video, Samantha Strong has her cool luscious legs draped over Frank James’ lap. If ever a scene begged, cried and, demanded sex, it was this one. I’m yelling at the top of my lungs like I’m at some sporting event: “Go, go! Do it, do it! Put her away, Frank!” Only Frank doesn’t do it. He leaves runners stranded in scoring position. That’s my overall opinion about the storyline for The Out Of Towner. It kind of dies on third. Samantha plays a visiting kissin’ cousin to James. She doesn’t do a lot of kissin’, but she does a lot of bendin’ over. James dresses her up like a boy so his girlfriend Sade won’t get jealous. Then it seems like the whole neighborhood drops in to play wham Sam thank you mam. Strong puts in her complimentary sex performance then slinks off before the video is over, apparently to keep her next shooting date. The supporting cast, especially Keisha and Angel Kelly throw in a few nice turns. There’s tons of good, erotic fun stuff, but the storyline itself is putrid and paltry.


Year: 1987

Director: Bob Chinn

Angel Kelly   
Barbie Doll   
Samantha Strong   
Frank James   
Jesse Eastern   
Ron Jeremy   

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