Le pied

Two guys, the first one, a lover of fine mechanical and the second one, a lover of fine chassis, are looking for a permanent job. Through their respective passions each of them will take advantage of the most comical situations…


Year: 1974

Director: Pierre Unia

Aline Mess   
Annie Friedmann   
Beatrice Harnois   
Claudine Beccarie   
Francoise Beccarie   
Frederique Barral   
Nathalie Zeiger   
Pamela Stanford   
Micheline Dax   
Katia Tchenko   
Pierrette Soupleix   
Christian Alers   
Michel Norman   
Yves Collignon   
Jean-Franсois Garreaud   
Henri Genes   
Alain Flick   
Didier Faya   

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