Dans madame Rose

The story is set in a brothel in Paris, where the owner is having trouble with an inspector who wants to shut down the business. This is not a particularly great movie, but for all of you collectors out there it’s still a must. Marianne Aubert gives a quite nice performance, I think.

Lenght: 00:51:58

Year: 1980

Director: Jean-Laurent Bernard

Jean Pierre Armand   
Louison Boutin   
Jean-Pierre Vincent   
Luc Tony   
Gilbert Morphea   
Jean-Paul Mente   
Jean Renaud   
De la Motte   
Laura May   
Danielle Campillo   
Mariane Auber   
Renee Alliouche   
Charlotte Millet   
Christine Cuervo   
Odette Burel   

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