Parents Televison Council is Hopping Mad about The Playboy Club

playboy club 3NBC’s racy retro drama The Playboy Club has yet to hit airwaves, but that isn’t stopping the killjoys at the
Parents Television Council from protesting it. The watchdog organization, which was also the driving force behind the 2004 “Nipplegate” Super Bowl controversy, recently sent a letter to every NBC local affiliate urging them to boycott the series.

In its letter, the PTC slams The Playboy Club for “glamorizing porn,” citing (unnamed and unverifiable) studies saying that pornography causes divorce, depression, financial ruin, and the general downfall of Western civilization. It then states that the PTC will be “very carefully reviewing each episode and will urge its members to file complaints” and offers this thinly veiled threat to affiliates who air the series:

Please be mindful that it is the affiliate, not the network, that will ultimately bear the financial burden of an FCC fine should any of the content be found to violate broadcast decency laws.

Never mind that, as a primetime series on a major network, the odds that The Playboy Club will actually contain nudity are infinitesimally slim. NBC’s Salt Lake City affiliate has already rejected the program, though it remains to be seen if other local stations will follow suit.

Poor Playboy Club- too racy for Middle America, not racy enough for Mr. Skin. Is the Amber Heard star vehicle doomed before it even airs? Will you be tuning in this fall? Let us know in the comments!

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