Mr. Skin Confirms: That’s NOT Mila Kunis’ Can in Friends with Benefits

kunis friends 2

Despite what you may have heard about Friends with Benefits, Mr. Skin’s got the final word- Mila Kunis does NOT get nude in the raunchy new comedy…but her butt double does! 38 minutes into the film, there’s a shot of “Mila” walking out of the bathroom with her buns totally bare, but(t) we never see her face, a dead giveaway of a body double (not to mention our Skin Skout notes: “It is a bit jarring in the film considering her “bony” butt is commented upon and her double appeared to have a far fuller backside”). A far fuller backside, eh? We suppose that’s to be expected, since Mila revealed in a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest that she was given full control over selecting her stunt butt.

However, Mila is in her bra and panties, or a t-shirt with no pants, for a good chunk of the film, so things could be a whole lot worse…30 minutes in, we get a bit of side boob as Mila rides her boning buddy Justin Timberlake, and we get bare breasts pressed against JT (but no nip) at the 36 and 1:08 mark. That lucky bastard- first he gets to date Jessica Biel, Alyssa Milano and Cameron Diaz, and now he gets paid to have Mila Kunis’ boobs pressed against him!

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