Loose Lifestyles

You might expect to find a lot of Loose Lifestyles in the swinging beach colony of Malibu…but you’ll find lots of tight relationships too! Trendy, photographer Jacqueline Lorians finds this out when she and her musician boyfriend (Billy Dee) split. Now Jackie samples the sizzling Malibu sex-scene. Whether it’s hunky beach boys into anal antics or passionate pool dudes with huge hoses, a gal can sure find some frantic fun! There’s some outstanding lesbian lovemaking, a hot tootsie (Blondie) in a sports car, and lots more delicious fun. Will Jackie and Billy get back together? With this sexual smorgeasbord of Loose Lifestyles, the decision’s going to be tough!

Lenght: 01:24:08

Year: 1988

Director: John Stagliano


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