D Cup Delights

I just love big tits! Johnnie exclaims, his nose buried in a pile of brassiere Johnnie is a stock boy in a bra factory. This is paradise! Wherever he turns there is either the pretty, young, and very voluptuous model Connie trying on a new bra, or buxom boss Miss Jackson watching and hanging over his every move. It’s Miss Jackson big hangers that drives him mad. He’s just got to get a peel at them! Meanwhile Johnnie peeks at Connie changing bras and dreams of real nasty girls with big tits. Girls like Laura Sands, Joyce Patrick and Pamela Jennings, girls direct from the pages of your favorite big tit magazine his uncontrollable lust he thrusts his hand in his pocket to rub his rising need. “Johnnie do you have a problem?” Miss Jackson catches Johnnie again! “Get back to work before I do this to the pencil in your pants!” Miss Jackson breaks Johnnie’s pencil, but not his spirit. If he could just keep his mind on his work, and his hand out of his pocket, maybe he won’t get fired. But don’t worry; someone so into big tits is invaluable in a bra factory. He only needs a chance to prove his worth. So put your hands in you pocket and delight to the sight of bouncing boobies. D-Cup Delights delivers a bevy of delectable mounds of quivering tit flesh.

Lenght: 01:11:31

Year: 1987

Director: John Stagliano

Julia Parton   
Laura Sands   
Pamela Jennings   
Cole Stevens   
Greg Rome   
Herschel Savage   
John Stagliano   
King Paul   
Tony Montana   

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