TV Nudity Report: Christina Ferraro and Rachel Germaine on Weeds

ferraro germaine weeds
It was a very happy ending this week on Weeds as guest stars Rachel Germaine and Christina Ferraro gave viewers a chance to sink their teeth into some succulent chest cutlets. Both ladies are nudecomers- Christina has had bit parts on shows like Melrose Place and All My Children, and you may recognize Rachel from her role in a Burger King commercial. And speaking of Whoppers, both girls sport ample, all-natural pairs that’ll make your mouth water!

In the episode, Kevin Nealon and his co-worker go for a “massage” on their lunch break- you know, the kind where they do most of the massaging in the crotch area. Rachel and Christina start in their bras, taking them off as they rub and tug. But the guys are taking too long, and eventually Christina has to go, leaving Rachel to perv-form the two-fisted operation solo. Somebody give this girl a raise!

Members can see more from this week’s episode on our Weeds page!

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