Beat the Heat with Ice-Cold Celebrity Nudes PICS

perez ice cubes

Holy hooters, it’s hot here at Skin Central! Like much of America, our offices are in the middle of a skintense heat wave that isn’t letting up any time soon.There are a few ways to stay cool when the mercury climbs this high, but our favorite comes courtesy of Do The Right Thing (1989), the Spike Lee film that takes place on a very, very hot day in Brooklyn. In the movie, Rosie Perez cools down by having her man rub ice cubes all over her bare boobs…cold, wet ice cubes slowly melting against the heat of her golden-brown skin…ok, now we’re getting hot, but in a totally different type of way:

mcdermott ice cubesColleen McDermott mam-onstrated proper ice cube technique when she got down with a chunk of the frozen stuff in Between the Lies (1997).

mouglalis ice cubesBut of course skinnovation is encouraged, like Anna Mouglalis man and his skinspired ice-cube-in-mouth technique in Novo (2002).

hunter ice cubesSoftcore siren Kiara Hunter re-enacts the sinking of the Titanic in Club V.R. (1996)- oh no, wait, those are just her titanic titties. Glands ho!

zabawa ice cubesWe can’t even pronounce the title of the movie, but we know that Lucyna Zabawa and her dude have the right idea in Trzy dni bez wyroku (1991).

Check out more cool, refreshing ice cube scenes here at you’ll be frozen stiff!

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