Mr. Skin’s Nude Movie Report: The Change-Up PICS

the change-up posterThe Change-Up doesn’t hit theaters until August 5, but Mr. Skin’s got a skinside source who gave us the rubdown on this upcoming comedy, and we’re so excited we just had to share the nudes with you early!

Unlike the skingy summer comedies Horrible Bosses and Bridesmaids, our source says The Change-Up actually takes full advantage of its R rating, with nude scenes from both of its female stars! Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman star as a pair of childhood friends whose lives have taken very different tracks- Bateman is a family man and high-powered attorney, while Reynolds is a confirmed bachelor who can barely keep a job. After peeing in a magic fountain (no, really), the guys wake up the next morning to find they have switched bodies and lives.

Swapping lives also means swapping wives, and Leslie Mann proves she ain’t no man with two boob-baring scenes, one skincluding a butt shot. But you’ll swear off marriage forever when you see ultra-fine fornicator Olivia Wilde in a thong. In this sexy scene, Olivia climbs up on Reynolds’ lap, baring tight, toned butt cheeks as she grinds away. Olivia is also topless in the scene, and though there isn’t a full-on boob shot, our source says “side boob and sharp nip is in full view for a good 10 seconds.” That’s enough to get Skin Central’s Schlong-Up!

Get a cheeky sneak peek with Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde nude after the jump!

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