Joe Rock Superstar

Marc Stevens plays Joe Cock, a Jim Morrison by way of David Bowie circa Ziggy Stardust vocalist whose claim to fame is his uncanny ability to get it up on stage. When the film starts, his girlfriend (Tina Russell) is upset that her oral skills aren’t arousing him so she blows guitar player Sean Costello in the hallway telling him she’s ‘always had a passion for balls.’ Indeed. The band goes on stage – Stevens lip synching to Morrions’s vocals with Costello hammering away at his guitar where this is none as Jamie Gillis keeps time on the drums. The same performers also appear in the audience in front of the stage, making you realize just how small the cast is for this Costello directed picture. At any rate, Cock can’t get it up and the band is booed off the stage. They retreat to think things over and Mrs. Cock.

Lenght: 00:54:00

Year: 1973

Director: Warren Evans

Tina Russell   
Valerie Marron   
Ashley Moore   
Jamie Gillis   
Marc Stevens   
Russ Carlson   

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