Inner Pink 2

Come along with Patty and Janine (played by Rachel Ryan and Cheri Taylor) for some hot fun in the sun at a ladies only seaside resort. Looking forward to a romantic weekend, the ladies are more than surprised at the behavior of the other guests. With the sexual influences of Rene Morgan, Kim Alexis, Stephanie Rage and Jessica Lange, Patty and Janine are inspired to indulge in some breathless activites with Jessica Lange and her guest Brandy Wine. So if explicit all female action is your thing then fasten your seat belt, and take a trip into Inner Pink 02.

Lenght: 01:25:54

Year: 1990

Director: Eselle Ferrand

Andrea Brittian   
Brandy Wine   
Cheri Taylor   
Kim Alexis   
Rachel Ryan   
Renee Morgan   
Stephanie Rage   

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