Body Lust

BODY LUST opens with secretary Valerie Martin’s going down on her boss (Gérard Gregory) behind his desk. He leaves the office and she resumes typing. A visitor (Jack – Jacques Gatteau) arrives to see the boss and sits down to wait, but it isn’t long before he is standing behind her and putting his hands down her blouse. The boss returns and catches them at it on the office couch. She gets fired and takes Jack home with her. The boss is the only person in the film who takes offence at finding his or her sexual partner in the act with another.

Lenght: 01:12:09

Year: 1978

Director: Pierre B. Reinhard

Cathy Stewart   
Celine Gallone   
Diane Dubois   
Maria Catala   
Valerie Martins   
Gerard Gregory   
Jacques Gatteau   
Joel Charvier   

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