The Backdoor Club

Tony Allen (Herschel Savage) and his wife Sadie (Danielle) are two vacationing Americans who are visiting Germany for the first time. They have heard stories about Munich’s infamous Backdoor Club, and Tony is anxious to visit the club to see it for himself. They drive to the palatial establishment where they are ushered into a room where they meet Rachel (Tracey Adams) and Missy (Taija Rae) as well as Horst (Gabriel Pontello). The group is soon joined by the two in-house experts, Magda and Gretchen (Sandra Nova and Christine Saber), who do their best to convince the new arrivals that they are in for a new and thrilling experience that can open their lives up to new horizons. Before the night is ended, some of the first-timers are initiated into the club, while others are content to just watch the action and fantasize about the day when they too can get into the act. Prepare yourself for some of the hottest and most exciting scenes ever filmed.

Lenght: 01:13:10

Year: 1985

Director: Jack Remy

Herschel Savage   
Taija Rae   
Tracey Adams   
Gabriel Pontello   
Uschi Karnat   
Joanna Stevens   
Jack Rogers   
Katja Eck   
Alexander Titus Benda   
Brigitte Aime   
Christine Leval   

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