Hot Dreams

Painter Joey Silvera charms Nordic blonde Anna Magle (a German sex comedy mainstay, billed here as “Anna Karenya”) into creating a “love painting” with him. Sounds like a con job to me as it amounts to little more than some good old-fashioned in ‘n’ out ! A seriously steamy Civil War era Sapphic scene is up next with fair-haired Lenore Grant – who never takes off her blouse to show off her lung warts, darn ! – and Isolde Jensen making inspired use of a half-filled wine bottle. Now there seems to be some confusion over the latter’s identity, several sources claiming this is underrated Fay Burd, the hooker catalyst from Joanna Williams’ unsettling EXPENSIVE TASTES. While there is a slight resemblance and Burd has occasionally been credited as “Isolde” (on Fred Lincoln’s SAME TIME EVERY YEAR amongst others), I’m pretty sure this isn’t her. Don’t let that bother your enjoyment of this scorcher of a slurp-off though ! A then-timely ROCKY send-up finds lovely redhead (something for everyone here) Moira Donovan as a fledgling reporter attempting to do a piece on up ‘n’ coming boxer Rocky Johnson, also in Ziehm’s glossy STAR VIRGIN, winding up as his coach instead, providing a type of massage that can’t be beat. Back at the bookstore, Scudder has gotten all hot ‘n’ bothered as well as decked out in ladies’ lingerie (don’t ask !) for a most bizarre sexual number involving various disembodied female parts with a sci-fi twist proving the wrap-up. Also note that, unless one of the faceless orifices belongs to her, superstar Serena only flies solo in this outing.

Lenght: 01:16:41

Year: 1983

Director: Shaun Costello

Sharon Mitchell

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