The SFX Magic Behind Paz de la Huerta, Naked and Pregnant on Boardwalk Empire [PICS]

paz boardwalk preggers

You might have thought that Paz de la Huerta got herself knocked up when you saw her totally nude and totally pregnant on last week’s Boardwalk Empire. Or you might have assumed that her swollen stomach was the product of CGI magic. Both are understandable- the effect was really realistic- but the answer is none of the above. Paz’s preggo belly was a mass-produced pregnancy prosthetic, specially modified for her by the SFX wizards at W. M. Creations. The only CGI used in the scene was removal of a line near where her bra strap would be in the back; the rest of the effect was old-fashioned makeup.

The prosthetic took almost three hours to apply, on top of an already hectic 12 hour shooting day: “It’s foam, so it weighs about 3-4 lbs,Michele Paris, head of Boardwalk Empire‘s makeup department, told Fox. “My assistant, Craig Lindberg, and I attached the prosthetic to the front of Paz’s stomach with glue, and then wrapped it around to the center of her back. We centered the edges with the curvature of her back, so we were really able to conceal where the prosthetic begins and ends. We also airbrushed and painted on veins to give it life and texture.”

As for Paz? “She was a trooper, she embraced it,” says Paris. “She loved playing pregnant, studying to be pregnant. It’s not easy to be pretty, sexy and pregnant.”

We think she pulls it off pretty well…at least that’s what our crotches are telling us.

Preggo porn fans rejoice! We’ve got more sexy stars naked and (fake) pregnant after the jump!

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