Get Filthy with the 3D Trailer for Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! [VIDEO]

edison dirty bookSorry, mud-wrestling fetishists, Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! isn’t a 3D documentary about girls grappling in the dirt. It’s something even better- the true story of skinfamous publishers Hugh Hefner, Al Goldstein, Larry Flynt and Bob Guccione, the unholy foursome who determined what dudes would jerk their gherkins to back when porn came from the newsstand.

Mike Edison
, the author of this opus, is uniquely qualified to write about these titans of titillation. He was the editor-in-chief of Screw magazine as well as a correspondent for Hustler and Penthouse, so he knows the inner workings of these companies first hand. Plus, as Spin magazine said about him, “Smart, filthy, and funny, Mike Edison is no ordinary author.. Edison brings the stories from his book to life with the performance chops of a seasoned rock’n’roller and the humor and bombast of a former Screw magazine editor-in-chief.”

Mike will be launching Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! with a party at New York’s Museum of Sex on October 27, and touring with the book around the country. You can see all the dates on Mike’s Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! news page, read an excerpt from the book here, and while you’re at it, check out the eye-popping 3D trailer:

Need 3D glasses? Just email with your name and address at and they’ll send you a pair right away (while supplies last, of course).

Mr. Skin members can familiarize themselves with these porn kings’ bodies of work with Playboy‘s The Girls Next Door, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Bob Guccione‘s opus Caligula, and more right here at!

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