Spanish Sexpot Elena Anaya Talks The Skin I Live In

anaya skin
Nudity Hall-of-Famer Elena Anaya is very comfortable in the skin she lives in, an assertion supported by her 14 onscreen nude roles. Now she’s is about to rack up her 15th skinema credit as Vera, the beautiful captive of demented plastic surgeon Antonio Banderas in The Skin I Live In, Pedro Almodovar‘s lush take on the Frankenstein myth.

Elena sat down to discuss the film with the horror site, which asked the Spanish sexpot about filming a disturbing rape scene that occurs towards the end of the film:

“It depends who you do it with. I’m very concerned about nudity, about sex scenes that sometimes are cheap, like they don’t need to be in the film. Then I’m so restrictive. If the scenes are there for a reason, like this one was, I’m brave, “ she said.

Ultimately, though, Elena says she brushes off such dark material: “It’s fiction. Sometimes those scenes, the scenes that look difficult, they are not. You’re playing. You’re acting. You’re going to some place, of course with your own emotions and everything, but it’s not yourself.”

The Skin I Live In opens this Friday, October 14, but Mr. Skin members can see much, much more of Elena Anaya right here at!

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