Last Exit to Bare Skin: Celebrity Nudes on DVD 10-11-11 [PICS]

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Jennifer Aniston’s banana routine may be a tease in Horrible Bosses, nude on DVD and Blu-ray, but Mr. Skin knows some sexy scofflaws who aren’t quite so skingy. Nude on Blu-ray, Jennifer Jason Leigh shows her tasty twosome as tragic trollop Tralala in Last Exit to Brooklyn, and Chloe Sevigny mainlines T&A as a drug dealer’s dame in Mr. Nice, nude on DVD and Blu-ray. Also nude on DVD, racktastic redhead Doira Baird will put a ten-gallon hat in your pants in the Western South of Heaven, and Maria Bello will make you swell-o baring beautiful boobs in Beautiful Boy.

Plus, stick out your thumb and hitch a ride with the 80′s softcore sinsation The Hitchhiker, which features nudes from stars like Shannon Tweed, Kelly Lynch and Virginia Madsen and hits DVD this week for the first time ever:

Writer Hubert Selby Jr. penned the book that Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989), a story of borough losers, drug addicts, whores, and transvestites, is based upon. And base it is. There’s hardly an attractive character in the plot. When you begin rooting for the child molester then you know you’re in dangerously depressing sevigny mr nice dvdterritory. One-time-only skinster Maia Danziger provides half the nudity here. The other half goes to Jennifer Jason Leigh playing another one of her light and airy roles as Tralala, a hooker who is gangbanged outside the Brooklyn Navy Yard. All aboard!

Rhys Ifans plays Howard Marks, AKA “Mr. Nice”, the Welsh drug smuggler whose empire was built on connections with the IRA, the Mafia and MI6, in the British biopic Mr. Nice (2010). Chloë Sevigny, who plays his second wife, shows us what’s she’s been smuggling under her bra and panties in a T&A-baring sex scene. Nice. Ms. Nice.

A case of mistaken identity begins a bizarre road trip in the arty Western South of Heaven (2006). Roy Coop (Adam Nee) is on the run with his cohort Mad Dog Mantee (Shea Whigham), and eventually the duo ends up in the town of South of Heaven, TX. They’re sheltering with Rooster (Joe Unger), an innkeeper who owes baird south dvdMad Dog a favor, and his adopted daughter Lily (Doira Baird) when a stranger named Nobody (George “The Animal” Steele) arrives to settle some scores. Doira displays donuts with her boobs pressed against a gentleman friend 1 hour, 8 minutes in, and the camera is just above her nips as she strips 1 hour, 27 minutes in. Too bad it doesn’t pan south to heaven.

An estranged couple is brought back together under tragic circumstances in Beautiful Boy (2010). After decades of marriage, Kate (Maria Bello) and Bill (Michael Sheen) are on the verge of divorce. They’ve been drifting apart, not only from each other, but also from their 18-year-old son Sammy, a fact that is brought to painful light when Sammy commits a mass shooting at his college before turning his gun on himself. School shootings are tragic, but there’s nothing like some sweater kittens to turn that frown upside down. Maria Bello will make you swell-o when she bares boobs in the sack with her hubby 58 minutes and 1 hour into the picture. And that’s beautiful, boy.
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Late-night HBO in the ’80s meant a dude in a leather jacket wandering alongside a highway, spouting off heavy-sounding nonsense that always put viewers in a good mood because they knew what was coming next: boobs. The Hitchhiker was an anthology thriller series in which each episode was set up by the anonymous title character and then usually focused on some back-stabbing romantic relationship gone homicidal. The one guarantee was some nudity in each installment, meaning that Mr. Skin gives The Hitchhiker more than merely a thumbs up.

CU Next Tuesday, Skin fans, for all the breast nudes on DVD and Blu-ray on the Mr. Skin blog!

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