Fetish Site Offers to Buy Nancy Grace Fart Clip from Dancing with the Stars

nancy grace fartOne of the great things we have learned from the internet is that not only is there a fetish for everything, but there is also a website trying to make money off of every single one of those fetishes. So of course the website clips4sale.com is trying to purchase the rights to a clip from this week’s Dancing with the Stars where someone (not pointing any fingers, NANCY GRACE) passed gas on the dance floor. Clips4sale.com sent a letter to ABC, claiming that “We wish to acquire this for our members of our website who are “Flatulophiliacs” or simply put, “Fart Fanatics.”

The letter goes on to say, “Passing gas is as natural as breathing, and our members are waiting with baited breath.” It’s nice to know even fart fetishists can have a sense of humor about themselves. But seriously, Nancy Grace as the one-handed tango queen of this season’s DWTS? Can’t say we saw that one coming.

If your tastes run a little more,uhm, mainstream, you can check out all the breast wardrobe malfunctions and skintillating slipups from Dancing with the Stars right here at MrSkin.com!

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