True Blood’s Alexandra Breckenridge on Her American Horror Story Role: "I’ve Never Played Someone So Sexual Before"

breckenridge horrorWe’re big fans of sexual thrillers here at Skin Central, so when we heard Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy‘s new show American Horror Story billed as a “psychosexual thriller,” we thought we’d give it a chance.

The opening episode had everything you’d expect from the title- creepy twins, basement monsters, and, uhm, a guy in a gimp suit- but imagine our delight to see Alexandra Breckenridge show up as young Moira, the hyper-sexual incarnation of a housekeeper who most of the time appears as a glass-eyed dowager. Only Ben (Dylan McDermott), the head of this haunted household, sees the sexy Alexandra scrubbing his floors. Lucky stiff!

This isn’t Alexandra’s first time appearing in a genre show- she bared boobs as vampire spy Katerina last season on True Blood- but she tells that this is one of the most daring things she’s ever done- and it’s not just the hair:

“I’m always looking for a chance to play somebody who’s completely opposite of me, just because I find it more interesting. I’ve played a lot of bubbly girls. This is an extremely different role. I’ve never played someone so sexual before.

Ok, so maybe it’s the hair:

“I get hit on so much it’s not normal. I didn’t realize so many men liked redheads… People I’ve known for years have been texting me, all of a sudden out of nowhere, just randomly paying more attention to me than normal. And men seem more aggressive. It seems to be working well for me.”

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