Kirsten Dunst: "My Boobs Were Too Big for Antichrist"

dunst boobs hi res
Usually it’s their mutual director pal Lars Von Trier publicly putting his foot in this mouth, but in a recent interview Melancholia star Kirsten Dunst had a bit of a Von Diss for her fellow Von Leading Lady, Charlotte Gainsbourg. Explaining her motivations for taking the Melancholia role, Kirsten referenced Von Trier’s earlier flick, Antichrist, where Charlotte does some pretty shocking things involving rusty scissors and her own genitals:

“That kind of film is harder for someone like me to get away with. I’m more in the public eye than Charlotte,” Dunst told The Guardian UK. “It’s something about Charlotte’s body, too. You couldn’t have someone like me, with big breasts, in that film. Charlotte’s thin and her breasts are small and that’s easier to watch somehow. For someone like me to do that film – it would almost be ridiculously shocking.”

Ladies, ladies, let’s be fair. Big boobs, small boobs, as long as we’ve got boobs, it’s all good. Now put those scissors down!

See what all the fuss is about with Charlotte Gainsbourg nude in Antichrist (2009)- if you dare!

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