Hung’s Rebecca Creskoff on Season 2: "I’m the One with My Clothes on For a Change"

creskoff hung season 2
Can’t wait for Hung to return to HBO? We’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we’ll see more nudity and sex than ever before, according to the cast- Charlie Saxton, who plays series lead Thomas Jane‘s son, says season 2 features “beautiful, sexy sex, and lots of it.” The bad news? that beautiful, sexy sex won’t skinvolve Rebecca Creskoff, who plays lady pimp Lenore.

Rebecca told‘s Dan Gross that “I am probably the one with my clothes on the most for a change” this season, though it’s not for fear of what her family will think. Creskoff also said that she almost didn’t take the part for fear of peeling onscreen, and it was her mother than convinced her to do the nudity:

She said, ‘This is a big opportunity. You’re an artist. Go for it’,” Creskoff said. Ah, motherly love!

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