Tamara Longley, Kristara Barrington, Summer Rose in vintage sex video

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Description: Kristara Barrington AKA ( Chi-Chi Ling, China Lee, Christie Barrington, Christine Barrington, K. Barrington, Kim Barrington, Kim Morgan, Kim Warner, Kimberly, Kimberly Wong, Kirstara Barrington, Kistara Barrington, Kris Tara, Krista Barrington, Kristina Barrington, Kristra Barrington, Mai Nguyen, Mai Tai, Sue Lee ). Birthday: November 22, 1963. Astrology: Scorpion. Birthplace: New Orleans, United States. Years Active: 1983 – 2007. Ethnicity: Asian. Nationality/Heritage: American. Hair Color: Black. Measurements: n/a. Height: 170. Weight: n/a. Tattoo: n/a. Piercing: n/a. Frequent partners: Hershel Savage, Marc Wallace, Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron.

Biographical writings: Old modish 1987, Porn Gorgeous Kristara Barrington was one of many up-to-the-minute grownup player of the ’80s, and nonetheless has legions of ardent followers. This wonderful Eurasian entertainer was dropped and upraised inside the U.s., save for might with ease move quietly linking before a live audience Asian and non-Asian roles. Dropped modish 1965, Kristara Barrington’s profuse sexed fashion and sweltering orgasmic power was hotter than a sparkler next to the ordinal of July. Building ended 150 grownup movies in the course of her profession, Kristara Barrington compounded a firm naturalness and abandoned mind-set with the intention of through her an instantaneous secure. Amongst her most touted achievements, critics usually advert her break-though overall performance in a single of porn’s all-time greatest sellers, Extra Gesture Hookers 1. Another excellent Barrington performances should be seen modish Infant Visage 2, Further than Want and Residence of Concupiscence.

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Clip durations: 361sec.

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