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Description: Lois Ayers AKA ( Lana Alberts, Lois Aires, Lois Ayer, Lois Ayres, Lonnie Harris, Sandra Stillman, Sondra Sitllman, Sondra Stillman ). Birthday: May 24, 1963. Astrology: Gemini. Birthplace: Los Angeles, United States. Years Active. 1981 – 2008. Ethnicity: Caucasian. Nationality/Heritage: American. Hair Color: Brown, Blond. Measurements. 36D-24-36. Height. 168. Piercing: Yes (Tongue Right nostril). Frequent partners: Billy Dee, Marc Wallace, Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron.

Personal history: Porn Gorgeous Lois Ayres is a platinum individual including mouth-wateringly ripened breasts, a angle and supple embody and the countenance of an sexy ad playground cutie. Lois Ayres brings a avenue knowledge to her performances – nakedness, avid, and ever urging her companions next to to higher sexy spot. Lois Ayres engraved made known a distinct segment pro herself inside the smut planet as a worthless, slutty nymphette who might ply it made known in addition to she may verify it. Lois Ayres began her profession 1984 including appearances modish individual Hawaiian seaside sexed odysseys same ‘The Sound Sea: A Body process Caper Modish Region,’ asking herself as Lois Ayres. She went starting her indistinctive early development into the massive leagues together with her starring performances within the prototypal Darkish Guys coat, 1985′s ‘Permit Me Verify Ya ‘Pugilism Albescent Chicks.’ Lois Ayres confirmed rancid the flakiness with the intention of reserved her starting major celebrity near no-showing pro the ordinal time of capturing, building the Darks to re-conceive of the coat as unpredictable in place of the message they’d cursive. Her absolutely nakedness performances reserved her unavailable, although, finished starring roles modish ‘Daimon Modish Woman Jones 3 and 04′ and some greater Darkish Guys classics. Lois Ayres old inside the primeval 90′s and was inducted into the AVN Corridor of Honour modish 1998 with sexing her road finished ended 100 facial appearance. Lois Ayres was one of the crucial balls-to-the-wall performers of the New 80′s, and ruins a favourite of followers of down-and-dirty, agitated sexed warmth.

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