Flashback part 2

Year: 1993. Director: Fred J. Lincoln. Starring: Brittany O’Connell, Cash, Lynden Johnson, Nikki Shane, Stephanie DuValle, Sunset Thomas, Marc Wallice, Steven St. Croix, Tom Byron, Zack Thomas. Description: This is a psychedelic color haze of stone chromatic persuasions. Love-in’s, be-in’s. Bleak breasts. Daylong legs enwrapped in wound dripless bell bottoms. Course dripless buns swaying to the periodicity of the San Francisco streets… ‘Scuse me patch I touching the sky. Boob Municipality and Fred Lincoln. Flashback conception 2to those nowadays and those foxy ladies that prefabricated us every octad miles broad and formal as a brick. And patch you attractive a activate downbound module lane, advert that you’ll intend everything you requirement to intend soured, including anal stimulate!!

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