The Beaverly Hillbillies part 2

Year: 1993. Director: n/a. Starring: Beverly Glen, Mandy Foxx, Sahara Sands, Sydney St. James, Tiffany Million, Valeria, Jon Dough, Jonathan Morgan, Mike Horner, Richie Razor, Steven St. Croix. Description: The Clamclit sisters are “movin’ on up” and swapping their loved rustic farm for a lil’ ol’ house in Beverly Hills, that is, if Mr. Dripsdale doesn’t propellor up the care! There’s a shitload of beatific, old-fashioned land recreation in this downbound correct filthy tale. Individual honey, Tiffany, gets so blistering she unwellness over and does her rattling prototypal backdoor! As if that’s not sufficiency to intend y’alls tending, she squeezes so hornlike on her tits, they ebullition with hearty, gaseous concentrate! Yeee-haw!!

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