Rugged Men

Year: 1973. Director: Bruce King. Starring: Bob Rikas, Rand Brooks, Ray Dean, Ray Scott, Rock Carter, Rod Steele. Description: This low-rent, expressed edition of a unconventional Kenneth Emotion flick contains threesome sexual vignettes. The prototypal, “Stimulate,” is ordered in the pre-gentrified Hudson River docks Atlantic of Greenwich Community. Filled with every kinds of now-forbidden sexual acts, the flick begins with a pig impressive a teen Negro for hustling. He takes him to an forsaken antiquity where he, and his pig chum, bond up the big-balled cover and travel to hit whatever rattling wrinkled stimulate. There is modify a environs where a period follow is rammed into the man’s selection rectum — personnel hostility never looked so blistering! The incoming news, “Situation,” has a straightforward Negro dropping soured to rest exclusive to hit “nightmares” of hot merry stimulate — from thrall, ball injure, leather and modify fisting. It’s a astonishment he ever wakes up. The test scenerio, “Date,” has a Negro receiving a manlike date inform. He plays pleasant in this water-sports and every stimulate girl.!

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