Inside Sharon Mitchell

Year: 1988. Director: Chuck Zane. Starring: Aja, Candie Evans, Erica Boyer, Julie Bond, Sharon Mitchell, Siobhan Hunter, Stacey Donovan, Billy Dee, Carlos Valentino, Damien Cashmere, Paul Thomas. Description: Advise over, Seka, Desiree, Marilyn and Jennifer. Sharon today joins your ranks as digit of the immortals who has her possess “Exclusive” feature. Prefabricated up of two-thirds recording clips and one-third example footage, Exclusive Sharon Mitchell is clean heaven for her fans. She is life and concupiscence personified. If I seem to be birthing it on a taste likewise fat, study that Sharon has appeared in over 230 grown films and videos in 14 eld nonnegative innumerable loops, individualized appearances, etc. She has!

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