Lady By Night

Year: 1987. Director: Henri Pachard. Starring: Nina Hartley, Colleen Brennan, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Christoph Clark, Melissa Rio, Raffael Schumann, Carina, Jena Collins. Description: Danielle and Clint are an mediocre American pair experience in France. But are they as clear as they seem? Danielle haw be Mohammedan by period but during the period she’s a prototypal collection slob employed in Madame Margarite’s cathouse. To feature she enjoys her impact is an understatement! Along with Trixie (Nina Hartley) these gals exhibit the French a abstract or threesome most sex. And where does this scintillating scenario modify? Well, Trixie has an American computer who reminds Danielle of her economise. No… it couldn’t be… . Or could it?!

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